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From 6 feet to 10 Feet (above ground) 

Giant Shepherd Hook

  10 feet out of ground !! or adjust anywhere down to 6 feet

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Get above it all!!


Hang Plants, Flag, Candles or Banner


Easy Adjustment Screw ...allows top portion to be raised and lowered with a twist of the wrist. No tools needed.

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10 Foot Giant

H4 Black or Rust $89.95

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Protrudes 28" from pole ..min 5'10" out of ground expanding to 10 feet above ground

14" ground spikes keeps it in place.  Since ground spikes are 5/8" solid steel it is a good idea to mark where they enter the ground and hammer a rod into the ground to move any rocks and make it easy to push into ground.  Sometimes a little preparation can save oneself a lot of frustration.

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