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- an upright, four sided pillar, gradually tapering as it rises terminating in a pyramid

(23" Diameter)



Step 1: Purchase Obelisk         




Step 2:  Put in 10 - 20" Pot    

(shown  in 18" pot)    



 Step 3:  Grow Ivy on Obelisque                             Step 4: Place on Plant Riser

                                                                                                  (CLICK ON PLANT RISER TO GO TO PAGE)

"Would you like fries with your Hamburger?"  

We have a customer in Vero Beach Florida that buys obelisks', puts them in pots and lets ivy grow up them during their slow season.  When the Winter people come back they sell them our obelisks, a pot, dirt, Ivy and often one of our plant risers to go under the pot. This system sale is effective  because most in the area are retired and appreciate buying a gorgeous finished planting.


  • 23" diameter
  • 39" Tall  including 11" ground spikes
  • Weight 4  pounds

Key Benefits

  • Looks like and expensive topiary
  • Easy to install
  • Will last a lifetime does not rot like bamboo and wood trellis'
  • Can be used to system sell additional items


Description SKU # Color Price  
Obelisk 23" O1 Black


$29.95 to purchase
Contact Information:         Telephone  828-733-1077 Postal Address P.O. Box 11 Pineola, NC 28662 Electronic mail              

to purchase