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           Mary Putmans Garden with 3 Fence Trellis

Fence Style Trellis     100% Aluminum

Attach to wall or plant in the ground.  Two  rows of cascading finials providing height and depth for your climbing plants.

Several years ago I bought a wooden trellis.  As my roses grew the wood on the bottom of the trellis began to rot.   Finally my roses started to lean and I had to cut them back to replace the trellis.   Our new large rectangular trellis is made of 100% aluminum which will not rust or rot.  It has two 10" spikes  to hold it securely in the ground.  It can  also be attached to a wall as a wall trellis.

It is also an elegant way to grow vine crops like peas, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.  


bullet82"H  (not including 10" Ground spike) x 29" W or 72" out of ground (not including 10" Ground spike)
bullet15 lb.

Key Benefits

bulletKeeps vegetables off the ground
bulletHarvesting made easy, do not have to stoop to pick harvest.
bullet10" long spike with  keeps Trellis straight and securely placed in the ground
bulletSupports delicate vines such as Clematis
bulletWill last a lifetime does not rot like bamboo and wood trellis'


Description SKU # Color Price To Purchase
Fence Trellis 72"

(Out of Ground)

FT72 Black


Oil Rubber Bronze

Please select Trellis color

Fence Trellis 82"

(Out of Ground)

FT82 Black


Oil Rubbed Bronze

Please select Trellis color


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