Bishop Style Reflector/Driveway Marker


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Bishop Style Driveway Marker

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 Think Green!  What can be simpler and more efficient than reflecting light

 generated by you cars headlights back to you???? 

The new rage is solar powered driveway markers,

which is not nearly as long lasting and maintenance free,

 let alone as "Green"  as reflected light.     

                                green-eye-small.gif (17567 bytes)green-eye-small.gif (17567 bytes)
  Eye-catching hand-crafted Driveway Reflectors

Decorative and Functional Uses

  • Perfect House warming gift
  • Distinguishes your house or driveway from the neighbors
  • 6" stake with 4" crossbar keeps reflector stable
  • Not an eyesore during the day
  • Creates a great first impression for visitors
  • Keeps cars out of drainage ditches and on driveway
  • Defines driveway borders


  • 41" H x 4" W
  • Weight  7 lb.

Key Benefits

  • Superior reflection intensity
  • Wide Reflective angle
  • Stays straight in ground
  • Crossbar keeps stake straight
  • Easy installation


Description Reflector Color Sale Price To Buy
Bishop Reflector Blue or Red $19.95



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          Driveway Reflector Spike

Bruce Dyak

Bruce Dyak installing Bishop Style Rail

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Designed by Annmare Harris 


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