Hose Helpers

Designed and tested to make using your Hose a delight!!!! Click on picture for a BETTER view.
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HoseHolderCrown.jpgCrown Hose Holder
Dimensions: 10.5" high, 7" deep and 22" wide made of light weight rust proof aluminum.
Price $44.05
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HoseHolderHeavyOak.jpgHeavy Oak Hose Holder
Bold large Oak design integrates your house with nature
Price $44.05
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HoseButlerClose.jpgHose Butler
Hand-crafted Steel Hose Holder that can be placed anywhere in your garden. No stooping over to pick up hose. 12"Wide x 4O"High/out of ground. PLUS 10" GROUND SPIKE with large stability bar. Color: Black
Price $30.87
HoseHolderWaterOak.gifWater Oak Hose Holder
Decorative yet sturdy hose holder made of 100% Aluminum. Dimensions:22"Wide x 10.5"High x 7"Deep
Price $44.05
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