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Hi guys, just wanted to share with you a few pictures of the trellis taken this morning. I couldn't be happier. Thank you and happy holidays! Chris Winter Park, FL
I just wanted to tell you Bruce that I am very happy with the trellises. Very well done! The entire experience with you has been a delight. Thanks again! Jim Washington DC
Bruce, We are so pleased with the quality! Next week it will be planted. Just wanted you to see your beautiful craftsmanship on the wall!! Kris Newport Beach, CA

72" Frank Lloyd Wright Window box and 4 x 7'

Grid trellis

Hi Bruce, I hope all has been going well for you. Its been almost 1 year since we talked last. For us it has been a little crazy. The large Trellis you created worked for our client very well. (and he is very hard to please). Many thanks, Pat Pensacola, FL
Bruce, Your tip worked great. The trellises were fairly easy to install. We did not to use the additional alignment brackets. Looks great. Have Happy Easter. Regards, Neil Hintington Beach CA
4 x 4 Grid trellises in Diamond pattern
Hi Bruce, I just got my trellises and they are so beautiful and well built, thank you so much for doing such an awesome job. I cannot wait to show it off. Thanks again Ash Falls Church VA
We purchased these trellis back in 2016 and the vines have filled in enough to share the photos with you. Nice enhancement to our entry in Tucson, AZ. Betsy 3 x 6 Aluminum Grid Trellis
Bruce, I thought youd like to see the trellises your company shipped to me! Easy installation. Now we wait for the vines to grow. Thank you so much! They are perfect. Laura Santa Barbara CA
4' Wide x 6' High Aluminum Grid Trellis Powder Coated Slightly Textured Rust with standard 4" bracketscee
Looking good so far! Now to get the roses trained. FYI - my faux siding and the layers behind were deceptively thin and so I had some trouble getting the #14 hex screws to tighten the way I wanted to. In each application, I was able to hammer at least 2 or 3 of the hexes into something pretty sturdy in the wall (what it was is a mystery but it firmed up the bracket so I didn't ask questions!). Best, Mark Denver, CO
Awesome, thank you so much! Will def send pics when I get these installed. Thank you so much again! I am taking three car loads of cardboard to be recycled ;) Ha! Trey Charlotte, NC
Yes it looks perfect there-everything I had hoped for! Kent New York City NY Penthouse
I will send another shot when its in bloom. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this idea to life. It changed the entire landscape of our yard. We couldnt be happier! Marsha, Milford, CT
Hi Bruce The fellows opened the trelliss and they are impressive; they are perfect. That said, I am more impressed with the brackets; theyre beautiful.. They are different than whats on the website Well done Bruce... By the way, what is the drill bit size for the screws into trellis Thanks Rags
Hello, the trellis' were received fine. They look great on my home and are a nice architectural option in lieu of tall plants. I thought I would pass along a few photos. Regards, --Chuck, San Diego, CA
Bruce- No it did not take us almost a year to put these out, but it did take that long to finally install them on the wall. Thanks again - we love them and they look awesome! Michael Southlake TX
Hi Bruce. I wanted to take the time today to thank you for helping me out with the final touches of our project. Here are the pictures you requested. I re entry had the trellises installed and was waiting on the rose to take before I sent you some pics. I will send you some others when things are in bloom. Have a great day and MAGA ! Peter Bayport NY
Here is the finished product. Will take a while for the camellias to fill in. You did a great job of packaging the trellises. Hardest part of the installation was getting them out of the box!! Jim Hilton Head Island South Carolina
Hi Jim Looks terrific, we get the same complaint from everyone, the good news is that they made it in one piece. Going to send your pic to our webmaster to put on the site. You are fast!! You have been a pleasure to work with...think it looks better than having an arch in the middle. Very Best Regards Bruce Was thinking the same things. Great to work with and yes, I do think the angles are better. Have to give you credit. I'm also going to give you a plug on our neighborhood website. Probably 1000 folks look at it. Cheers. Jim
Hi Bruce, Here is a picture of my beautiful trellises you made, I have Clematis growing slowly up the trellises and Hydrangeas in the planters. I had so many compliments on the design, quality and fantastic job that you did. I would highly recommend your company thank again. Ashenie Falls Church VA
Bruce, The four metal trellis frames arrived safely and are installed in our garden. Some images. Thank you! - Jennifer Tobits
4 x 8 statuary bronze powder coated trellises
Hello Bruce, The trellises arrived and look great. Please see pictures. One thing to note: I am glad you double boxed; the outer box was crushed on one side but all was good on the second box. 3x8 and 4x4 Aluminum Grid Trellis powder coated Statuary Bronze Steve Nashville TN
Hi Bruce, The reflectors that I bought from you look very nice. Thanks! Gail
Hi Bruce What the trellis looks look now Rags Napa CA
R Inn Luxury Hotel in downtown Napa CA
Installed 5 x 6 Aluminum Grid Style trellises powder coated slightly textured Black for a house in Greenwich CT. Louis Fusco Landscape Architects did the design and installation.
Hi Bruce, Nice speaking with you. Asa promised, please see attached some early photos of your metalwork installed at out project. Have a nice weekend and we look forward to receiving the additional pieces. Best regards Louis
Bruce! The trellis exceeded my expectations. Thank you. The installation instructions were very helpful and the whole process was fantastic. Here are some pictures. It will look even better next year when the plants have filled in! Kind regards Colby Portland OR
5' Tall x 6' wide Aluminum Patty Prouse Style Grid Trellis with Approximately 6" spacing and a 1" Angle frame with 1/4" round Aluminum rods going vertically and horizontally, powder coated Satin Black (slightly Textured Black) with standard 4" wall brackets.
Just unboxed the English style window box and love it! Seriously - it looks even better in person - thanks! Joel - Homewood AL
Your trellises transformed our cramped patio area to a place of beauty! Karen Balter
Hi Bruce, Got them installed and they look great. My friend Bill Lincoln did most of the work and the job went smoothly - only took 2 hours. What do you think?. Will send more pictures when the Star Jasmine is taken off of the wooden trellises that came with the plant and the vine is threaded through the new trellises. Thanks for furnishing us with a first class looking trellis. Bill suggested we get rid of the plants and simply let the trellises be the accent pieces which look fine by themselves. We did lock them in too - great suggestion. Take care. Ron Glendora, CA
4' x 8' powder coated light tan
Thats what I assumed but I wanted to make sure. I have had these markers for 15 (+/-) years and love them, but need to replace a couple since someone backed over one and totally destroyed it. I will be placing an order soon. Thanks - Deb
It is up. Wow what a wrapping/packaging job you did, but it arrived unscathed. Mark Guliford CT
This UberEats driver gets lost, drives up to my house to see if by some remote chance the house and street shes trying to find is mine, sees that it isnt, tries to back out but drives off the driveway and impales her bumper on one of the reflector stakes, and then tries to drive away but cant Shes super irate and said shes not going to pay to replace it because my driveway (which is ~15-20 wide) is too narrow. Maybe this is a product photo you can feature on your website Driveway Intruder Stop Stakes ??!? Ha, Ha! Not really that funny Happy holidays! Lisa Bethesda MD
Hi Bruce, Thank you for the fast response! Your Leaf driveway markers are really nice, strong too. My ground is frozen solid so I used a hammer drill with an old masonry bit that I had and it worked fantastic. I reluctantly moved two of them out by the street at my wifes request, replacing the old poles in the picture. They are the ones that I want to protect more with the red reflectors. I am so glad that I found your site. Sincerely, Jim Kinsman
Custom Log holder for Mike in Atlanta GA and Large wall trellis for his Pool area.
Bruce, Although it is a cold rainy day in Charlotte, we have installed the 4' x 6' Black Grid Trellis and done the planter. Here is a photo. I am very pleased and cannot wait to see it in the spring time. Thanks, Cindy
Banana Leaf Style Window boxes Michelle from Florida
Bruce Here is the picture I said I would send to you for our trellis. We are so thrilled with it and look forward to it filling up with oranges. Excited to get the next one. Thanks so much. Bruce Rancho Mirage, CA
Thanks for your help. Calvary Chapel Vero Beach FL Mike Ochsner
We just received our (3) 5x5 trellises. They look great The mounting brackets look quite robust. Do you have a recommendation of what screws to use to mount the brackets to a wood fence? Oh, and if one of your packagers is missing a box cutter, it wound up in our packaging. Your packaging is quite impressive! Thanks, John, Columbus, OH
Bruce, here are a couple of photos of your great work....Sorry, one of the pics is sideways.....They look great.....I'm going to put the two I just ordered on the windows on the second level......Thanks, Liv
42.5" Bellflower Window box powder coated jet black with lowered back mounting bar so window sill fits inside the window box allowing it to be higher up in the window so when you look out you see more flowers.
Custom casting trellis designed by Karen and David C -- Washington DC
here is a photo of the trellis installed. looks great. thanks again DWC Washington DC
Bruce, Trellis worked out great! Appreciate your help. Thanks again! Sheila
Your trellis is working well. Thought you might like the picture. Clark
Hi, Bruce - finally got it up. Looking good!! Thanks! Also, those shorter driveway markers look great. (and work great). Best wishes, Mike Nashville, NC
Decorative over the window design, Rounded top trellises and driveway reflectors
Hi Bruce Got the trellis up today. Think it looks good. Thanks Dan Arlington Heights IL
4' Wide x 7' High Aluminum Grid Trellis Powder Coated Statuary Bronze with standard 4" brackets
Below 6' Tudor steel trellis in pot. Ponte Vedro Fl Love this trellis! Julie
Bruce, Rust 6' Aluminum Fence trellis Looks really great. I'll see if I can send you some more business. Thanks. Mike Moon Township PA
Bruce, Had a chance to unbox everything this weekend and loved it all. Can I get the remaining window boxes ordered please. That one works but it was a little tight so if we can add 2 inches to all that would be great. Also, can I get another 3x8 trellis and a 2x8 (both taller than wide). Thank you, Nicole Columbia TN
Hello Bruce, On behalf of Devore Associates I would like to commend the exceptional quality of your products from our order back in August of 2018. That being said, we would like to order more Trellis The sizes are: (1) 3x8 (2) 7x2 (1) 1x7 *Custom size* if possible
Hi, Bruce, Here are 2 pictures of your beautiful trellis installed at the historic McGuffey Museum with historic Queen of the Prairie roses. Beautiful!!! Thank you for your craftsmanship and your assistance in ensuring we received everything we needed in a timely manner. Sue Oxford, OH
Hi Bruce. Keep meaning to send you a picture of how the metal trellis you built for me (back in 2016) turned out and how I am using it. I continue to get compliments on the flowers and the design and am very happy with how it turned out. Thanks for working with me on it! Pattie M (Rochester, NY)