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Hiya Bruce- Not epic photos. I will be out again later in the summer and can get a better image of the trellis with the rose (crummy lighting). The Japanese hydrangea vine is better! Thx again, Abigail, DEVORE ASSOCIATES, LLC. Fairfield, Connecticut
I just got the trellises and took them out of the box...yes, in over 90 degrees because I am so excited. They are beautiful, perfect and just what I wanted!!! I got them for my birthday and now hubby is going to have to install them asap!! Feel free to come by and check them out!!! Thank you for helping me make my cookie cutter house look amazing and beautiful and reflect my personality!! Thank you and I will refer business to you when the subject arises! Anne Gainsville VA
No alarm here!! I just got them and took them out of the box...yes, in over 90 degrees because I am so excited. They are beautiful, perfect and just what I wanted!!! I got them for my birthday and now hubby is going to have to install them asap!! Feel free to come by and check them out!!! Thank you for helping me make my cookie cutter house look amazing and beautiful and reflect my personality!! Thank you and I will refer business to you when the subject arises! Anne
Bruce - Trellises arrived safe and sound, and here they are! Love them! Eddie
Bruce, here is a photo installed with a climbing rose starting. The finish matched the pool fence perfectly. Very satisfied! JFM James President Piedmont College Demorest, GA.
Gloss black 6'x 7' Aluminum Grid Trellis and Modern Trellis. DEDE in Florida
We had purchased an aluminum grid trellis set from you before and they are awesome. I need to put another one, a bit smaller, up on the other side of the house. I need a 3 x 5 but want it to be the same as we ordered before. I did not save the order info and hope that you can look it up for me. Thanks for your help. Chris Folsom, CA
Thought you would like to see the finished product. Thanks so much for all your attention to detail. Best, Bill Philadelphia PA
Good morning, Bruce! I apologize for my delay in letting you know that the window boxes arrived safely, fit perfectly and are amazing to see! We have been traveling and they are not installed yet. The packing was amazing and everything was in perfect shape. There is plenty of room for proper installation and the small additional width didn’t make them too big- they are just right. They are beautiful and exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much! I will send proper photos when they are installed and am attaching a quick photo we took upon unpacking (not a model pose from my husband-I had asked him to move so I could see the box...). Thank you again-Lisa
We will send you a picture once we get the plantings in, but it looks awesome! Thank you, Arianna Rojo Mendez, ASLA Landscape Designer Fowlkes, Norman & Associates Fort Worth, TX 76126
Hi Bruce, The trellis was delivered today and looks great! Unfortunately, Old Dominion sent it out on a large truck that couldn't make it down the hill to our house. Luckily, I was able to meet the driver at the top of the hill and transfer the trellis to the roof rack on my SUV. The driver did help me load it onto the rack, so they better not charge for that. If anything, they owe us a refund for an incomplete delivery that should have been door-to-door and didn't make it all the way!! The smaller box with the mounting brackets also arrived today via UPS. So, it looks like we have everything we need to assemble the two pieces and mount the trellis. Thanks for your great service and providing a high quality product! Thanks, Steve Lake Forest Park WA (7' High x 10' Wide Aluminum Grid Trellis powder coated Anodized Silver)
This trellis is on the side of my casita at a ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Can’t wait for the berries to turn red. Thanks for your help. Tammie Fulshear TX
7' x 8' Aluminum Grid trellis powder coated Statuary Bronze
We LOVE it! Looks wonderful - thank you!! Charlotte Linville NC
Hi Bruce, finally got everything in place. Your trellises look so much a part of the garden- everyone makes positive comments. Behind the bench is a star jasmine which will grow over the main part and spread to the two sides as well but not engulf this handsome piece. Thanks for your hard and thoughtful work. Julie Ann - San Juan Capistrano, CA
4 x 8' arched middle piece with 4 x 6'5" side pieces with curves, powder coated Slightly textured Rust
Hi There Bruce, Now that’s what I call an amazing fence! It took a bit of digging, tons of rocks, but we did it. Super! Thank goodness for Cheerios! You are too kind. Be careful hanging round me; there’s tons more of these crazy ideas to “snaz-up” people’s crib. Haha Your crew will be mad should orders start coming in for edging; I’m sure it wasn’t a walk in the park to fabricate them. Cheers to the fence crew and owner, Peggy Saddle River, NY
Flowing Tripartite Trellis designed by Leo Dowell Designs in Charlotte NC. is in the French style with large 5" round tops and 3" square posts support a rolling curve spanning 15' in width and 9' tall. The special order Hartford Green powder coat gives it a soft glow. A antique french bench will be cradled between the 30 degree angles of the two side trellises.
Here is the photo of the arbor you made for me several years ago. Of the tops for the tripod, I like 01303000500 the best but would like to make sure it complements the design of the rest of the tripod. Since it is pouring rain here now, I will photograph the swing tomorrow and send the photo to you along with the dimensions. Thanks for working with me again. Hope Cohn - Nashville TN
Jim just found out that his work just won the Best in American Living Award and ordered nore for a new project. The rear yards here are only 10 feet deep by 14 feet wide. You can see how the trellis added a lot of greenery in a small space.
6' high x 8' wide trellises powder coated Slightly Textured Black with 2" Posts we made for Monarch Urban in Washington DC. back in 2017.
Hi Bruce: Back in October I ordered (6) Large Finial Driveway Reflectors. We spoke on the phone and I told you I wanted to use them to mark my front lawn so that the snow plow operators wouldn't rip it up. Your product did a fine job during Sunday and yesterday's storm. Thanks! Bill Pittsfield, MA 01201
9' trellis with three brackets to complement his existing trellises powder coated Slightly textured black. Jason Atlanta, GA
Looks good. Now the roses can grow and bloom. Jason in Marietta GA. Over garage trellis in Satin Black.
Good Morning, Bruce, I could not go to bed without saying thank you for your wonderful help as I chose the trellis design and color. They will be perfect. I look forward to having everything finished so that I can take a picture and forward it to you. It was a pleasure finding your company, seeing the options on your website and working with you. Old Dominion’s driver was very helpful, carrying the two boxes to our garage door. They were so carefully packed. We have opened one to check the color and see them, but the other box remains closed until we can place them on the house. Again, thank you for all your help. Best wishes, Jane Lafayette CA
Hi Bruce, I see you’ve been putting up some project photos featuring some of your awesome trellises lately. I just wanted to pull a few and send them over for your portfolio. We look forward to working with you again this season. I hope you’ve had a great winter season. Cheers, Jason Galles Square Root Garden Design, LLC
7' W x 5' High Aluminum Grid trellis. Thank you. Here is a photo of the trellis I purchased from you. From Charles San Antonio TX
You have developed such a great product! Form, function and durability! Montgomery, TX
My new trellises are perfect! First of all, I was so impressed with the care taken to pack them up for shipping - WOW! Then the quality of your product is stellar, and I'm so proud to have the trellises on display at my home. Our installer was here yesterday, and the trellises look beautiful on my house . . . I can't wait for my vines to start growing on the new trellises. I'll send photos when something is happening with that, but they are beautiful even on their own. Thank you again. I really appreciate the pride in workmanship and care taken to carefully transport these beautiful pieces. All the best, Cheryl Collierville, TN
Lots of compliments. They look great! Mike Oceanside CA 3' x 4' and 3' x 6' Satin Black Aluminum Grid Trellises
Custom trellises jet black with ball shaped post caps. Photos from Doug Austin Tx
Dear Bruce- I’ve been meaning to send this follow up email for two weeks now but.... Anyway, we received the window box inserts and they are GORGEOUS and PERFECT! Thank you so much—— you’re a talented genius! Thanks again for all the time, help, and persistence throughout. Sending warm regards from Pittsburgh, where we’re hunkered down as surely you are. Stay home and healthy. Jane Pittsburg PA
All Done!! Thank you so much. They look great. Very much appreciate your help. Be well. Ruth Ann Ridgeland SC
Good pic of your trellis! Hope your business is holding up Pam Aspinwall PA Uniquely spaced trellises with 3" square posts designed with a walk through to block view of neighbors, powder coated slightly textured Rust
Hi Bruce, Thanks so much for getting this done so quickly and for the delivery information. I had received a message from the freight company this morning and actually set it up for Wednesday. I will be here and appreciate the info on the possible additional charges. I will be prepared for them when they arrive and really appreciate such awesome customer service. Thanks again, Amy
Trellis is up and looking really good. Thanks Paul Rancho Mission Viejo CA Custom Trellis Powder Coated Slightly Textured Rust
Thank you Bruce. They are up and they are beautiful. I just got to the nursery yesterday. I’ll forward pictures soon. Give the plants a chance to grow. I’m very happy with the window boxes. And it was an easy install Kelly Indianapolis IN Brussels style window box powder coated Finely Textured Black
Looks good Ben Germantown TN 4' Wide x 7' High aluminum grid trellis powder coated satin Jet Black with standard 4" wall brackets.
Just got delivered an hour ago! Unpacked and in the holes I dug last night. Just leveling them out and getting ready for some concrete. I’ll send you more pictures when we finish the planting as soon as my landscaper gets to me!! Custom trellises to compliment window design. Powder Coated Flat Black. 4 x 8 with 14" legs
Bruce: The trellis arrived in great shape. Great workmanship. Thank You . - Maurice - Campbellsville KY
Bruce, Few more pictures for reference. Last picture is the other set of trellis we purchased 3 years ago. Stephen Mathews NC
Custom Trellis to match Door arch for Marc in Rochester NY 3 x 6 Aluminum Grid trellis with arch, powder coated Statuary Bronze.
Hi Bruce! It’s been a while since we last chatted, with Bob going into the hospital a few more times and everything on hold here because of COVID-19. He’s finally feeling much better and we were able to have someone over today to help us install the trellis. It is absolutely perfect - everything I wanted - and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s hard to see in the picture because it blends with the fence, but I hope you can get a good idea of how it looks (FYI, the trellis is level but the fence isn’t . Thank you again for helping me bring my idea to life! Kind regards, Lisa
Just arrived! What a great packing job! Not hung yet but here it is in place! Simply gorgeous! More to follow! Cyndy 4 x 6 Aluminum wall trellis
Hi Bruce; More gorgeous that expected. O flowers yet but it sure looks swell. Rick Thanks a lot 3 x 6 grid trellis powder coated Satin Jet Black