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This is why we are in business!! Great Customers! Hi Bruce, Once again, you all never cease to impress. Your driveway stakes have arrived promptly, intact, and they are fantastic. The quality of your design and workmanship are really impressive. I had searched online for months trying to find decent driveway stakes without luck, then I stumbled across your listing and I am very glad that I did. If you can find a way to market your product more, with a higher profile on Amazon and eBay and the like I am sure that your sales would dramatically increase. Thanks again for selling me such a great product !!! Cheers, Gerry COKEYSVILLE, MD ( PS : If I were to tweak one thing, it would be to take 2 inches off the above ground portion of your stake and add it to the below ground portion for a sturdier placement in the ground. leaving the total stake length the same) Still the best stake out there !!! Thanks again !!! Gerry Just wanted to let you know that we received the trellises yesterday morning and got them installed immediately. They look great. Thanks so much. And thanks for getting them shipped as early as you did. Can you imagine? We would not have been able to finish the job today otherwise. I am grateful.  Thanks again and will take some pictures to send. Debbie - San Antonio TX Hi Bruce, I'm thrilled that my front yard won't need to look like a construction site every winter, with neon fiberglass markers everywhere.   Thank you! Christine,  Natick MA Sorry for my delay. In the middle of moving I didn't take time to let you know we received our beautiful trellis. My husband may have questions when installing...hope not. We will send a picture when it is up! Bruce, happy new year! I love my herb stand. It is classy and practical. I will email you a picture of the finished product in the spring. I hope one day to stop by your business! All the best, Donna House Thank you for your helpfulness and excellent product! Sincerely, Jill - Eustis FL Dear Bruce -  They arrived and are fantastic. Great work!! I hope I have a lot of people ask about them because I'd like to send them your way. Hope you had a lovely holiday!  Ashley.... Winnetka IL 60093 Hi Bruce- The trellis’ arrived on schedule yesterday and were installed today. They look great. . . I will ask homeowner to take a photo from inside looking straight on at them. Dear Bruce  I have finished installing the trellis and am very happy with the results take a look at the PHOTOS.  I would expect you will get more orders from this area due to this installation, in fact, I am considering ordering a larger rectangular one maybe 4 feet by 4 feet for the back and if some of my other friends who see this and like it want to order together maybe we can save money on the shipping cost thanks a lot and let me know if you need anything else from me.  Regards,  Ken -Windermere FL Your liners are fabulous and fit perfectly. Hope we can work on another project in the near future. Thanks immensely! Guy - Beaumont TX thank you bruce the delivery guy was so nice and he unpacked it for me because there was a small tear looks beautiful thank you for everything kim - Seattle WA Here are a couple pictures of the trellis' we bought from you. We love them and my landscaper was impressed too. I will pass on your information to him. Thanks, Roger Goodlettsville TN Hey Bruce, The trellis worked out really great. Those are climbing Mandeville's so they could reach the top by fall, but wanted to send you a shot when you could still see the trellis nicely. I'm a happy customer. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks. rick - Saint Charles MO Hello Bruce, The four cast aluminum door mats arrived yesterday, they look absolutely awesome! Jeff Denver Colorado Hello Bruce,  Received the trellis yesterday and it is just the quality I was expecting. I bought Clematis to grow on it and I will send you a picture as soon as we install it. It will look lovely I am sure. My container designer, Jennifer, was very impressed with the trellis as well. She has several clients so I sent her the link so she can view your other products.  Thanks again! Diane Scheuber Lake Orion MI Bruce: Thanks for all the help with this.  You guys have been great to work with.  I love dealing with the common carriers.  I’ll just hope the delivery logistics are a little better than usual.  I’ll drop you an email when the eagle has landed. Stuart - Denver CO Hi Bruce, Last summer I ordered two 4’x8’ rubbed bronze trellis’s. We love them. But, I wish I had ordered one more panel. I am wondering if you can make 2 units of 2’x8’ that I can add a panel to each side to make it longer? Please let me know, and how much? I would need 12” “legs” to go into the ground for both pieces, so each 2’ panel can be cemented into the ground next to my existing 8’ trellis I have in the ground. I will send you a pic again in a separate email from my phone, so you can see. Thanks. You missed out on a horrible MI winter! Stu - Livonia MI Hi, Just sent you a bunch of pics! Wanted to share a comment I made to my wife regarding the window boxes: “Every house needs eyebrows! These window boxes give our home the most beautiful eyebrows we’ve ever seen!” Best, Michael Bangor Pennsylvania Hi Bruce, Going Back a few months I purchases three white trellis's from you. I never took the time to tell you how much I love them. They look great and my plants are really beginning to take hold of them. I often have neighbors stop by and ask about them or simply tell us how great they look. Next time you are in Miami Beach I hope you stop by and share a cocktail with us and enjoy the sunny weather as we admire your trellis's.  Warmest regards, Steven Oltman. (Miami Beach FL) Got the trellises and they are perfect! The one you modified with an additional piece on top is exactly what we wanted. Will send a picture later. Thanks again. Best Marcy (Manhattan Beach CA) Bruce, photos attached. Love the trellis's. Very nice work. Will get photos later when shade is better. Thanks, Wes Lonview Texas Bruce, It is beautiful. Everyone loves it, we can't wait to install it as soon as the ground thaws! Thanks for everything, Coral Bruce, My client loves the trellis and I think it looks great too!  I'm glad I found your website and will keep you in mind the next time I need "garden metalwork." Laura Willer Bruce, My client loves the trellis and I think it looks great too!  I'm glad I found your website and will keep you in mind the next time I need "garden metalwork." Laura Willer Raleigh NC Hi Bruce Yes, it arrived in perfect condition on Wed.  On Thurs. we installed it a thought we haven't planted the vines around it yet. It's beautiful and looks even better than I expected. Thanks so much! Kirvin Palm Springs CA Bruce, It is Eric and Christine DeLeon. Everyone that came into the courtyard loved the trellis system against the wall. They are beautiful addition to the courtyard and house. Now another question. We are interested in an arbor to go into the back yard. We have a brick patio area and there is a entrance into the house that has yard on both sides. We are interested in an arbor to go over this path. The bottom distance would need to span 9 feet to give room to place the arbor into the ground without disrupting the brick work of the courtyard. The height of course to walk under and give room for the hanging of climbing plants. Maybe made to be assemble when it get to be shipped. It does not have to have that much depth to walk under but the ability to wind climbing plants, wisteria.  We did like the design you have posted on your web, but I have faith in your imagination and designs. I hope you can help. Eric and Christine Columbus Ohio Hi Bruce, I love the trellises. I have attached a picture. Thank u Amy Surman Yes, you guys did a masterful job! I'll be in touch as soon as they're installed. Have a nice evening. TPL Hi Bruce, Great product, widow box installed easily with your excellent hints. I see I should have added a liner. Can you give me a quote on both the copper and galvanized steel (with the copper finish) liners in the size I need? Thanks so much. This was a great buying experience. Regards, James Dunn Hi Bruce,Here are a few pics of the trellises! We love them!! Thanks! april Corvallis OR
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