Trellis Mounting Guidelines

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Our Trellis brackets were designed by a NASA

space shuttle engineer.

A couple years ago we were welding our trellis brackets to our trellis', (just like everyone else) this would cause breakage and bending during shipping along with stacking problems in the warehouse, the trellis' would get tangled together and the brackets would interlock causing a real mess. Upon discussion of this problem with Archie McMannen a honest to goodness NASA engineer he came up with some novel solutions to our problem. Archie solved all our mounting & shipping concerns with a simple interlocking design. 1. A 1/2 " x 1" bracket holder is welded to the back of the trellis wherever an attachment point is needed. This looks like 2. The short end of the bracket slides into the above receptacle and keeps the trellis horizontally and vertically stable once the opposite end is screwed into the wall. 3. This design allows for not only extremely easy installation (less than 5 min if you read the instructions) and the option to be locked onto the wall by putting one bracket up and one bracket down. 4. Finished product. Click to enlarge
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Blocking diagram for 4x8 trellis for attaching trellises if walls are thin or under construction